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Yunphant is member of hyperledger, we concentrate on blockchain service and product innovation. With more than 30 patterns, Yunphant devotes in making an enterprise class blockchain platform. The published Yunphant BaaS platform V1.0 is in the leading position on performance, security, privacy and expansibility. The platform has been widely used in equity and bond trading, notary certification, data security and supply chain finance.

Yunphant sets up blockchain laboratories with Zhejiang University and the National University of Singapore respectively to support advanced research on blockchain technology. Most of the team members of Yunphant are holding a master degree or above. Yunphant team has a strong R&D strength with a galaxy of talents including the scholar of “Zhejiang Province Thousand Talents Plan”, the winner of the China five four Youth Award, the winner of the hundred talents Award, the winner of the world highest computation performance Award and the winner of world TopCoder Award, etc.


Dr. Huang Butian

Founder and CEO

Dr. Huang is the founder of Yunphant, he received the PhD degree from Zhejiang University in Computer Science. With more than ten years of R&D experience, Dr. Huang is a member of IEEE, ACM and China computer society. As the forerunner of blockchain technology in China, Dr. Huang have applied more than 20 patents. He is the author of the book “Blockchain decryption – To build the next generation of internet based on trust”.

Dr. Liu Zhengguang

Chief Scientist

Dr. Liu is a research fellow in National University of Singapore, his research focuses in blockchain technology and data mining. He is also the co-inventor of NUS and Yunphant blockchain Joint Laboratory.

Dr. Chen Jianhai


Dr. Chen received the PhD degree from Zhejiang University in computer science. He is an expert in high performance computing, who led ZJU team consecutively won 3 first prizes in the high performance contest.

Wang YunXiao

Blockchian Architect

Mr. Wang receives his master degree from ZJU. He used to work at NetEase, with years of cloud computing and virtualization experience. He has conducted in-depth studies on distributed networks and cluster computing.

Dr. Wang Bei

Senior Blockchain Researcher

Dr. Wang is Yunphant high-performance computing architect, he has applied for more than ten invention patents.


National University of Singapore and Yunphant blockchain Joint Laboratory

In September 2016 Yunphant and National University of Singapore set up the blockchain Joint Laboratory to carry out in-depth study of blockchain, promote blockchain application in banking, securities and other fields.

National University of Singapore is a world-leading university, ranks No.1 in Asia. Dr. Roger Zimmermann is an Associate Professor and PhD supervisor with the School of Computer Science in National University of Singapore. He and Yunphant’s chief scientist Dr. Liu Zhenguang co-chaired the joint research project of Yunphant blockchain and National University of Singapore, which explores blockchain business in China, Singapore, and the US market.

Blockchain research center with ZJU

Yunphant has set up a blockchain research center with intelligent computing and systems lab from College of computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University. Under the leadership of Prof. He Qinming, Prof. Ji Shouling and Prof. Deng shuiguang, Yunphant ZJU team is working on blockchain performance and privacy policy research.